Ruddigore 2009

Opening Chorus around the Maypole.

Maria Ackroyd as Zorah: Val Smith as Ruth.

Celia Poole as Dame Hannah with the Bridesmaids.


Elaine Clelland as Rose Maybud with the Bridesmaids.


Ian Grange as Robin Oakapple.

and Richard Buxton as Old Adam.

Robin Oakapple & Dick Dauntless played by Paul Richmond.


The Hornpipe.

Dick Dauntless with members of the Chorus.

Becky Gregson-Flynn as Mad Margaret.


Still Mad Margaret we think!.

"They sing choruses in public....!"

Bruce Merlin as Sir Despard Murgatroyd.

'Oh why am I moody and sad.......?'

Members of the Chorus.

Act 1 Finale.

The ghost-scene.

John Ramsdin as Sir Roderick Murgatroyd.




Not quite what he expected!


Finale to Act 2.