The Mikado 2010

'If you want to know who we are, we are gentlemen of Japan..'

Arrival of Nanki-Poo, Paul Richmond

'A wandering minstrel I ....'

Richard Buxton as Pish-Tush:' Our great Mikado, virtuous man ...'

'Behold the Lord High Executioner!' Ian Grange as Ko-Ko

What a list!

Probably worth another view!

'Comes a train of little ladies.... '

The little maids from school....Maria Ackroyd as Peep-Bo, Elaine Richmond as Yum-Yum,Becky Gregson-Flynn as Pitti-Sing

'I see nothing to laugh at'..... Bruce Merlin as Pooh-Ba....

Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo

Pooh-Ba, Ko-Ko and Pish-Tush in 'I am so proud....'

'What are you going to do with that rope?'

Finale to Act 1

Finale to Act 1

Celia Poole as Katisha

Finale Act 1

Finale Act 1

O ni! bikkuri shakkuri to! oya! oya!

Finale Act 1

Serious problems at the beginning of Act 2

'Miya sama, miya sama '

'Miya sama, miya sama'

Entrance of the Mikado, Gerald Tinson playing the role

The Emperor of Japan and his daughter-in-law elect

Reverential poses for the Emperor of Japan

'I seized him by his little pigtail'

Maybe problems ahead?

'Marry Katisha?'

Still problems for Ko-Ko

Pish-Tush: 'Your Majesty, all is prepared'

'Mercy even for Pooh-Ba!'

Final curtain for another year.