2011 The Gondoliers:

'List and learn....' a colourful opening chorus.

Paul Richmond as Marco and Leon Waksberg as Guiseppe

'Buon giorno, signorine....' The gondoliers charm the signorine.

Unfortunately the ladies seem to be quite impressed with these two.

Elaine Richmond as Giannetta clearly hopes to be selected.

Becky Gregson-Flynn as Tessa is also hopeful.

Steven Greenwood as Luiz and Ian Grange as the Duke of Plaza-Toro.

The ducal party also includes Celia Poole as the Duchess and Anna Trent as Casilda.

Luiz and Casilda get to know each other a little closer.

Don Alhambra (Bruce Merlin) welcomes some of the ducal party to Venice.

Peter Skelton is the waiter in this cafe scene.

There seem to be problems with the customers.

Things don't appear to be improving.

The entrance of the Bridegroom and Bride.

'When a merry maiden marries...'

Tessa and Giannetta seem to be happy.

Finale to Act 1.

Finale to Act 1.

The 2 new kings at the beginning of Act 2.

'A despotism strict combined with absolute equality'

The Cachucha. Oh what joy!

Giannetta & Tessa don't appear quite so happy now.

'That is the idea I intend to convey'

'We were equally delighted...'

Once again the ducal party.

'Now let the loyal lieges gather round...'

The Prince's foster-mother has been found.....Judith Helm as Inez.

Luiz, now the King performs Casilda's coronation.

Inez and Don Alhambra ni the Finale.

Curtain call at the end.