Ruth outlines the mix-up that’s going to lead to the plot etc

Ruth and pirates

‘I’ll live and die a Pirate King’ – Pirate King and men

‘A lad of 21 usually looks for a wife of 17’ – Ruth and Frederic

Climbing over rocky mountains......

Edith, Kate and a bevy of  beautiful maidens

More of the bevy of beautiful maidens

Frederic appeals to the girls

‘Poor wand’ring one.’ Mabel and girls

‘Too late. Ha, ha!’ Pirates and girls

Pirate King and girls

‘I am the very model of a modern Major General.’ Major General Stanley

‘Tell me, have you ever known what it is o be an orphan?’

Girls, Kate, Samuel, Mabel and Frederic

Girls, Kate, Samuel, Mabel and Frederic

‘Oh, dry the glistening tear’ – Major General and his daughters

Ta ran ta ra, ta ran ta ra – Sgt of Police and doubtful men in blue

A paradox – Ruth, King and Frederic

A policeman’s lot is not a happy one

With cat-like tread

‘Why does father leave his bed at such a time of night?’

‘Prepare for death – unhappy General Stanley’

‘Don’t say you’re orphans, for we know that game.’

‘They are all noblemen who have gone wrong!’

Sergeant and Ruth

Curtain call