Cox and Box:

Steven Greenwood as Cox, a hatter and Richard Buxton as Bouncer, the lodging house keeper

David Heathcote as Box, a printer along with Cox and Bouncer



HMS Pinafore Act 1

The crew on board.

Ann Likeman as Little Buttercup, Jonathan Spry as the Boatswain's Mate and Gerald Tinson as Dick Deadeye.

Paul Richmond as Ralph Rackstraw

Bruce Merlin as Captain Corcoran


Elaine Richmond as Josephine, the Captain's daughter

Celia Poole as Hebe, along with lots of sisters and cousins and aunts.

Ian Grange as Sir Joseph PorterKCB, First Lord of the Admiralty.

The sailors in song.


Deadeye trying to upset the company.

This very night with baited breath and muffled oar.......


HMS Pinafore Act 2:

Kind captain I've important information.

Carefully on tiptoe stealing.............


Pretty daughter of mine........

Sir Joseph and Little Buttercup.....

Finale Act 2

Finale Act 2


Final Tableau.