Gilbert & Sullivan Society

"Write some letters literary for our private secretary". Gondoliers.

President: Peter R.Hawke Esq.



The Mikado 2018:

Following the resignation of Colin Akers as our Musical Director after Iolanthe due to pressures of work and family, discussions have taken place and the unanimous decision was made to invite Gordon Balmforth to become Musical Director for the Mikado in 2018. He has agreed to this and looks forward with enthusiasm to the Production.

Our Artistic Director/Producer will again be Graham Weston, who was chosen amongst a number of other possibilities. He hopes to give as much time as is possible to the rehearsals for this production and will hope to produce as different a show as he can.

Our Rehearsal Pianist on Wednesdays will be Philip Sutcliffe and he has agreed to be our pianist for any of the Concerts during the Autumn.

The Casting for the Mikado:

Auditions took place on Wednesday 18th. October. Despite running late because of problems with the traffic and a late start, the evening turned out to be quite successful, as we were able to cast the whole show (something which has happened regularly in the past). The cast will be as follows:


Elaine Richmond

Nanki-Poo Paul Richmond
Peep-Bo Sandra Hosker
Pitti-Sing Keira Watson
Katisha Anna Trent
Ko-Ko Ian Grange
Pish-Tush Richard Buxton
Pooh-Bah Gerald Tinson
The Mikado Bruce Merlin

NB: It should be noted that Anna Trent has been added to the Cast in the part of Katisha. Our congratulations should be offered to her.

Social and Fundraising:

The Summer Event held at the home of Christine and Alan on 24th. June had been a very enjoyable event with a good attendance. Many thanks to Christine and Alan for providing such a lovely venue. New events are now having to be planned with dates for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018. It is essential that all members are aware that much of our income for the annual show come from these events which people are willing to take part in. Planned events for the future are as follows, though the dates might be slightly adjustable.

Quiz Night: Tuesday 23rd. January 2018.

Mumbai Spice visit on Tuesday 6th. February 2018.

Celia's Fashion Show will take place on Tuesday 27th. March. at Waverley House at 7.30pm.

Stan Solomons, one of our former members, has died on March1st. His funeral will take place on Monday 26 March at 10.30am. at the Huddersfield Crematorium. Stan had a wonderful voice but many people will have remembered his inability to find the right note for " Why who are you who asked this question?" while we were preparing for the Mikado, not too long ago. He will be greatly missed.